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Delusional patterns and its pre-morbid personality linkages in Nigeria psychotic patients that attended a community psychiatric rehabilitation centre in Anambra State Nigeria between 2011 -2013

RN Ugokwe – Ossai, JO Ezeokana, VA Ucheagwu, UV Okpaleke, JP Ugokwe


The study was on the evaluation of the prevalence of delusional types and their correlations with pre-morbid personalities in psychotic patients that  attended a Community Rehabilitation Centre in Anambra State Nigeria.  Forty participants (27 males and 13 females, age range: 22 – 51 years) were used for the study. DSM IVTR, psychological tests: MMPI, SCL-90R  and clinical observations were used for the diagnosis of the patients  according to the centre policy. Two recording scales designed by the  researchers were used to assign the participants to different types of delusions and pre-morbid personalities. The study design was a  longitudinal survey of special population. Descriptive form of statistics and pearson product moment correlation statistics were used in data analysis. The findings showed that some delusional disorders were more prevalent than others (eg., Delusions of reference, control, persecution and spiritual attack) and the delusion of persecution were more in females than in  males. Similarly pre-morbid personalities of obedience, gentility, loving, responsible, loner and quiet were more prevalent than others in the  participants. Furthermore significant correlations of delusion types and  pre-morbid personalities were also found as well as correlation within the delusion types. Discussions of the study were on the need to increase research as to explain the mechanisms that brought about the findings
and the import of examining gender differences in psychotic delusional behaviours. The need for clinicians to consider the correlations of delusions and premorbid personalities will help in improving treatment of psychotic disorders in Nigeria.

Key words: Delusional types, premorbid personalities, psychotic disorders,
Rehabilitation centre

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