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Pre-colonial transport systems: A veritable instrument for inter-group relations amongst Owerri Igbo communities in Nigeria and their neighbours

AE Nkwocha, JA Dibia


This paper argues that bush paths and navigable rivers, streams as well as creeks served as transport routes that linked the forest region of Owerri Igbo with their neighbouring communities. It thinks that pre-colonial transport  systems, due to its commercial and strategic importance, were extensively used by farmers and traders, who participated actively in both internal and long distance commerce. This paper submits that, pre-colonial transport systems such as human porterage on land and dug-out canoe on water promoted intra and inter group relations amongst Owerri-Igbo communities and their neighbours, by enhancing regional specialization across spectra of occupational pursuits as farmers, traders, blacksmiths, diviners and traditional healers.

Keywords: Pre-colonial, Transport systems, Inter-group relations

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