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Local government and intergovernmental relations in Nigeria fourth republic (1999 to date)

SO Ijimakinwa, ES Zinsu, KO Osakede


This paper examines Local Government and Intergovernmental Relations in Nigeria Fourth Republic (1999 to date). The study adopts secondary source of data collection. The paper argues that Local Government is not mutually exclusive of other levels of government. Thus, there is bound to be an interaction between local government and other levels of government. The study reveals that intergovernmental relations among the levels of government in the fourth republic has been in disarray due to the conflicts arisen over issues of tax jurisdiction, revenue allocation, intergovernmental relations fund transfers, overconcentration of power at the center, illegal removal of local government officials etc. The paper recommends that for cordial relationships to take place between the local government and other levels of government, the constitutional status of local government must be clearly spelt out, the issue of joint-state-local government account should be discarded, election rather than appointment should be the means of choosing leaders at the local level, judiciary should be made to be independent and the undue interference on the local government by the state or federal should be properly addressed and there should be direct disbursement of federation allocation to all the levels of government.

Keywords: Inter-governmental Relation, Local Government, Federal, State, Revenue Allocation, Nigeria

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