Time management: an imperative factor to effective service delivery in the Nigeria public service

  • Cyril Onyepuemu Osawe
Keywords: Organization, Management, Performance, Productivity, Efficiency


Time is a special/worthy commodity that is given equally to everyone regardless of age, station, whether public or private sector. Time is always ever present to everyone, but no one ever seems to have enough of it. In Nigeria, the need for time management in organizations especially the public service cannot be over emphasized. Time management helps in achieving individual and organizational goals in view of the limited amount of time available to man. The article examines how time, which is available to all, yet scarce, can be managed to enhance effective and efficient service delivery in the public service. The article also beams a search light on organization of activities towards effective time management, as well as, the relationship between supervisors and subordinates as regards time management. The study discovered that Nigeria public servants are faced with time management problems which have become a hindrance to effective service delivery. Nevertheless, the article advances certain measures, which if adopted by the public servants will promote the virtue of time management that can lead to employee effectiveness and efficiency in the public service. Among others, employees in the public service should be encouraged to prioritize their activities, maintain a proper time audit in their work place, be prepared to adjust to the best use of time. They should be on guard against unscheduled visitors and telephone calls. Also meetings should be held during specific hours of the day, while other times should be devoted to work. These recommendations should be seen as strategies for effective work habit in the Nigerian public service.

Keywords: Organization, Management, Performance, Productivity, Efficiency


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