International Journal of Development and Management Review

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The ethical values of African traditional media

Obinna Victor Obiagwu


Media practice in the present generation has been associated with all forms of malpractices which are occasioned as a result of corruption. The conventional media practice in this period lacks in values which has caused bias and loss of trust on both the medium itself and the practitioners. The relevant indigenous ethical and cultural values like integrity, truthfulness and courage, with the essence of beauty, love and the good associated with the African traditional media are presented here to boast the morality standard of media practice in the contemporary times. The lack of these values in the conventional media has affected their level of acceptance especially when not presented in collaboration with the African traditional media ethics. Effort is made in comparing media efficiency in the conventional context and the African traditional system that comes in form of voices, sounds, signs, objects and performances. Considerations are made to determine their similarities and differences. African traditional media remain simple, affordable, democratized, accessible, and readily a dependable collaborator with the conventional media.

Keywords: Ethical, Traditional, Value, Media, Cultural, Conventional

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