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Exploitation of Factory Workers: A Study of Union Dicon Salt, Lagos

CO Oteh


The study examined labour exploitation in Nigeria with particular reference to Union Dicon Salt Plc., Lagos. The review of literature points to the fact that exploitation of the factory workers in the long run leads to strained relationships between management and staff. The situation becomes conflictual to the extent that both interest groups become antagonistic to one another. In carrying out the study qualitative method was used. Thus, in depth interview and observation technique were used in gathering data for the study, while both management and staff constituted the respondents. The study examined the nature and types of exploitation workers in the company undergo. The study also x-rayed some of the coping strategies adopted by some of these workers in order to survive in their work environment. In the final analysis, the consequences of the work life of the employee to his family life were ascertained. The study made some recommendations aimed at mitigating
exploitation and industrial conflict.

Key Words: Exploitation, Capitalism, Factory workers, Dog-Eat-Dog, conflict.