Doing Science: A Theoretical Exposition of a Dualized Knowledge Platform and the New University Entrant

  • O Ihunna
  • EBJ Iheriohanma


The University as the apex level of learning can only be better appreciated in terms of its preoccupation as a definitive source for knowledge enrichment. With plethora of programmes, and an emphasis on specialisation, some narrow parochialism may well confront its entrant. This concern is checked by the encouragement of cross-disciplinary interests that find a staunch elaboration in the teaching and promotion of General Studies programmes. And for core students of Science and Technology, the problematic of grasping the idea of the “other science” has been a daunting task. By explaining the nature, character and components of a dualised Science, it is hoped that some understanding may be gained to help ameliorate the difficulties faced by both in accepting and comprehending the wholesome nature of the scientific realm. Thus, natural science and social science come under review in this paper as a preliminary exposition to the bifurcated world of science and how to appreciate its knowledge claims. Key Words: Science, Social Science, Theory, Knowledge, Freshman

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