Democracy as a political imperative for successful implementation of reforms: a focus on some socio - economic reforms in Nigeria

  • OO Obasi
Keywords: Democracy, Political Imperative, Socio-economic reforms.


This paper is a critical analysis of some on- going socio-economic reforms in Nigeria. It begins with a definition of the concept of reform and discusses types of reforms, highlighting specific reforms in Nigeria. The paper highlights the successes and failures of the on-going reforms and attributes the failures to their undemocratic nature. Against the background of the political context of reforms, it illustratively notes that democratic reforms are usually more successful than authoritarian ones. The paper provides a contextual explication of democracy, on which basis it recommends some strategies for successful and effective implementation of reforms in the country. These include, among others, democratization of the processes of policy and programme initiation and implementation, adoption and institutionalization of democratic norms and values, minimal economic romance with imperialist Western organizations and increasing socioeconomic, political and legal empowerment of the people such that they can freely and effectively challenge the excesses of political leaders and public office holders. Keywords: Democracy, Political Imperative, Socio-economic reforms

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eISSN: 2734-3316
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