Management and maintenance of school buildings in secondary schools in Delta State, Nigeria

  • ED Nakpodia
Keywords: Management, Maintenance, School Buildings, Secondary Schools, Nigeria


The purpose of the study is to investigate the strategies used in terms of managing and maintaining the school buildings in order to achieve the goals of the school system. The population of the study was the entire 665 secondary schools -374 public and 291 private secondary school buildings in Delta State. The sample for the study was 20% of the total number of the public and private schools. This includes 71 public and 65 private selected through stratified random sampling. The instrument used was a questionnaire and data collected were analyzed using simple percentages, and z-test inferential statistics. The research findings revealed that the management of the school buildings was principal based, the public school principals’ performance in the use of the management strategies discussed was below average with a percentage of 38%, while the private secondary school principals had 62% in their performance. The maintenance strategies used in the public secondary schools was only 31% of the strategies discussed while the private secondary schools used 69% of the strategies. Based on the findings, it was recommended, that government should make adequate budgetary allocation for education and funds should flow to the schools for the management and maintenance of school buildings and that guidelines be given to school principals.