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Managing three approaches to organizational behaviour for effectiveness and sustainability: Implication for educational management in Nigeria

AC Njoku


The development of any nation is a function of Organizational Behaviour (OB) which is, in turn, influenced by the impact of individuals, groups and structure within the organization. OB encompasses the study of what people do and how they do it in an organization touching on employment related issues - job analysis with job specification and job description, productivity, individual performance and management matters. Three approaches to OB are identified which, if appropriately managed, would bring about effectiveness and sustainability in organizations. One of such
approaches is Preventive Manager Behaviour (PMB). This addresses a situation where, because a manager lacks foresight to prevent a problem or nip it in the bud, the organization performs poorly. Another approach is Maintenance Manager Behaviour (MMB) which addresses a situation where, because a manager relaxed having attained a high productivity level, the organization starts going down. There is yet another approach - Remedial Manager Behaviour (RMB) which tries to cope with a situation where, because a problem has already taken place, production becomes very difficult or even uncertain. The three approaches have implications for educational management, effectiveness and sustainability

Keywords: Behaviour, Organization, Manager, Preventive, Maintenance,

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