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Record management in the Nigerian public sector and freedom of information act: The horn of dilemma

CJ Igbokwe-Ibeto


The importance of records and information management in the fight against corruption and promotion of good governance, transparency and accountability cannot be overstated; the three cannot be achieved without available, accurate and accessible records and information. To demonstrate transparency and accountability to its citizens, government relies upon policy documents, budget papers, procurement records, property and fixed assets, registers, accounting records etc. With the use of public management theory, the paper analyzed issues of records and information management and the role it can play in administrative efficiency and success of Freedom of Information Act 2011. Drawing experience from the developed and developing countries in this globalized era, it concludes that the Nigerian Freedom of Information Act cannotsuccessfully address the challenges of corruption in high places, bad governance, lack of transparency and accountability, unless publicservants embrace and cultivate global best practices in records andinformation management as x-rayed in the paper.

Keywords: Management, Records, Accountability, Efficiency, Effectiveness

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