Constraints in the preparation of mathematics teachers: the way forward

  • LAA Olaoye


The study investigated the constraints in the preparation of Mathematics teachers in the colleges of education and the possible way forward. It used an ex-post facto research design in the colleges of education in Nigeria. 165 final year students of Mathematics and 30 Mathematics lecturers were selected samples from the 6 colleges of education in the southwestern part of Nigeria. Four instruments were developed, validated and employed to collect data: input questionnaire, process questionnaire, product questionnaire, inventories of Mathematics resources in the colleges and Mathematics laboratory studios. The study lasted for two semesters and in line with the National Commission for Colleges of Education's guide, data analysis involved the use of mean, standard deviation and percentages. The findings revealed that there was poor performance of students in Mathematics with mean scores of 44.4% and standard deviation of 2.9. Gross inadequate instructional facilities in the colleges and poor teaching effectiveness of the trainers of Mathematics teachers with mean scores of 49.73%. The implication of these findings was that inadequately prepared Mathematics teachers would likely produce half-baked students.This has been found to be the bane of students' dismal performance in Mathematics at the primary and secondary school levels of education.

International Journal of Emotional Psychology and Sport Ethics Vol. 6, 2004: 57-64

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eISSN: 1119-7048