International Journal of Emotional Psychology and Sport Ethics

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Mothers'and Proprietors/Caregivers' Opinions Of Developmental Role Of Play In Children's Lives

AA Owodunni


This study investigated mothers' and proprietors/caregivers' opinions on the importance of play to children's development in Ibadan. Sample consists of Two hundred and ninety-five respondents (220 working mothers, 75 proprietors/caregivers). They were randomly selected from the various government ministries, corporate organisations, and 25 Daycare Centres within Ibadan North Local Government. Mothers and Proprietor/caregivers responded to Children's Leisure Assessment Scale (CLAS, r =0.93). Three research questions were raised and answered in the study. Data were analyzed using simple percentages. Findings revealed that 89.5% of mothers and 92% of proprietor/caregivers agreed that play provides opportunities for creativity in children. Also, mothers (97.7%) and proprietor/caregivers (98.6%) agreed that plays enhance children's perception and imagination. Findings also revealed that although, mothers and proprietor/caregivers agreed that children's take-home assignments are important, they disagreed on free time for children; majority of the proprietor/caregivers (92%) opined that children should be given some time to play freely, while 65% of the mothers disagreed. Findings also showed that mothers (85.9%) and proprietor/caregivers (100%) agreed that children mostly play with same sex partners. Based on the findings, tips on how to make use of free play as a factor to facilitate development among children were given.

Keywords: Mothers, Proprietor, Caregiver, Daycare, Children and Play.

International Journal of Emotional Psychology and Sport Ethics Vol. 10 2008: pp.187-198
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