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PSO-based optimization of PI regulator and VA loading of a SRF-based multi-converter DVR

P. Vasudeva Naidu, B. Basavaraja


This paper deals with a design of optimal parameters of PI regulator in voltage control loop. The design aims to minimize voltampere (VA) loading of synchronous reference frame (SRF) based multi converter-DVR in parallel feeder distribution systems. To improve the power quality by using power conditioner with multi converters in each feeder distribution system under different load considerations, a dynamic model of synchronous-reference- frame (SRF) has been adopted. It is desirable to have optimization of PI components and generate the reference compensate voltages for series active filters (SAF) of MC-DVR. Therefore, series active filters help to inject optimal voltages at optimal angle in such a way that a minimum VA loading of MCDVR is possible. The optimal value PI components and optimal series injected angle of series active power filters are computed using particle swarm optimization (PSO) technique and the results are verified with genetic algorithm (GA). The simulation results show that the proposed PSO technique causes minimum error and minimum VA loading angle by optimally choosing parameters of PI and minimum VA angle as compared to GA technique.

Keywords: Active power filter (APF), synchronous reference frame (SRF), Genetic algorithm (GA), Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and multi converter dynamic voltage restorer (MC-DVR).

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