Optimization of hybrid system (wind-solar energy) for pumping water

  • S. Laamari
  • W. Zghal
  • H. Kchaou
Keywords: Renewable energy, pumping water, technical optimization, autonomous system.


This paper presents an optimization method for a hybrid (wind-solar) autonomous system designed for pumping water. This method is based on mathematical models demonstrated for the analysis and control of the performance of the various components of the hybrid system. These models provide an estimate of recoverable solar energy depending on the climatic conditions of a given area and a determination of the energy produced by a solar panel. These models also show evaluation of the electrical energy produced by the wind generator. Moreover, this optimization method is based on minimizing of the factor lack of energy to generate (LEG) by variation of the duration of pumping and the angel of inclination of panels. To validate this method, a case study was performed on an installed system in the region of "Sidi Makhlouf" in southern Tunisia. The results confirm that it is technically advantageous to use renewable energy for pumping water.

Keywords: Renewable energy; pumping water; technical optimization; autonomous system.


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eISSN: 2141-2839
print ISSN: 2141-2820