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Chemical reaction in MHD flow past a vertical plate with mass diffusion and constant wall temperature with hall current

U. S. Rajput
Neetu Kanaujia


Chemical reaction plays an important role in MHD flow. It has industrial applications, such as design of chemical processing equipments, food processing and cooling towers etc. In the present paper, chemical reaction effect on a viscous, incompressible and electrically conducting fluid with unsteady MHD flow past an impulsively started oscillating vertical plate with variable mass diffusion and constant wall temperature is studied. The solution of the model is obtained by Laplace transform method. The effect of parameters is shown with the help of graphs. The skin-friction and Sherwood number have been tabulated. It has been observed that chemical reaction has decreasing effect on fluid velocity. Our study gets motivation from the study of Narayanan et al. (2016), which has similar findings on chemical reaction with a slightly different fluid model.

Keywords: Chemical reaction, MHD, Hall current, Skin friction, and Sherwood number.