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Analytical methods for prefiltering of close approaches between space objects

M. Xavier James Raj, M Mutyalarao


In the history of space, for the first time an operational US communications satellite Iridium 33, in low-Earth orbit was struck and destroyed by the collision of a long defunct Russian communications satellite COSMOS 2251 on 10th February 2010. It is necessary to understand the circumstances of this collision for avoiding similar incidents in the future. In this direction a detailed conjunction analysis of all space objects is essential. Since a large number of objects are orbiting in space, it is very difficult to find out the close approach for all objects with simulations. Hence, a study related to the prefiltering of close approaches between space objects using analytical techniques is carried out in this paper. It is found that the presented methodology with prefiltering techniques is effective in reducing the number of objects for simulations.

Keywords: Collision, orbit, prefiltering, debris, operational satellite

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