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Accurate modeling and maximum power point detection of photovoltaic module using a few collected data

Mohamed Abd-El-Hakeem Mohamed, Almoataz Y. Abdelaziz


This paper presents an algorithm for modeling and Maximum Power Point (MPP) detection of a Photo-Voltaic (PV) module. This algorithm requires less information to get an accurate model and MPP. Open circuit voltage  (VOC) and short circuit current (ISC) of the PV module are required as inputs data. Both of them can be sampled from a reference PV Panel. A PV model and MPP are estimated via Newton-Raphson (NR) method. Fractional VOC and ISC  method and simplified method are used for detecting the starting values of MPP and model parameters of a PV panel respectively. Then, the NR method is applied to calculate the accurate values of MPP and model parameters of it. Determination of MPP enables the PV system to deliver maximum available power. Verification of this algorithm is accomplished through building it in MATLAB. Then, it is tested for different manufacturer modules at different operating conditions.

Keywords: MPP; PV model, Accurate model; Newton-Raphson.

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