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Determination of optimum parameters for surface roughness in CNC turning by using GRA-PCA

Suneel Kumar Rathore, Jyoti Vimal, Dinesh K. Kasdekar


In the current research, the CNC turning operation was implemented by  employing the L16 orthogonal arrays on the AA 6463 material, while the impact of the CNC turning process parameters, for instance, the feed rate, spindle speed, depth-of-cut, and coolant (dry and wet condition) are examined with a focus on two output objectives, Ra and Rz. The designed investigational outcomes are employed in GRA while the weights of the responses are calculated by using PCA. The outcome of confirmation trials exposes that GRA joined with PCA can excellently be employed to achieve the best grouping of turning factors. The output accomplishment measures viz., roughness of finished surface are estimated by defining grey relational grade and then the noteworthy contribution of factors are ascertained by ANOVA. In this examination, it was discovered that the generally significant process factor is the coolant, afterward feed rate, spindle speed and depth-of-cut on the selected response parameters.

Keywords: CNC Turning, Grey relational analysis, Principal component analysis, ANOVA.

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