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A comparative study between experimental and theoretical buckling load for hollow steel column

Sudhir Kumar Kashyap, Sajal Kumar, Mousumi Mallick, Rudra Pratap Singh, Manoranjan Verma


Hollow mild steel columns of same outer diameter and length but different wall thickness show the buckling behavior in different manner in the fix-fix end condition. The behavior of the column is in good agreement with Rankine’s formula. Additionally, there is a very strong relation between actual buckling load and buckling load by Rankine’s formula. There is some difference between the theoretical and actual buckling load which may be due to geometrical defect, crack generation, chemical composition and formation of eccentricity. Columns show that the variation of differences between actual and theoretical buckling load with respect to wall thickness is parabolic in nature.

Keywords: Hollow column, buckling load, compaction behavior, chemical composition, wall thickness

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