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Simulation experiments and validation for considering bus priority treatments in small cites: The case of Hawassa city, Ethiopia

Robel Desta, Bikila Teklu, Mihret Dananto


In this paper, the development of network and intersection simulation models using microsimulation tool, along with validation of the models is studied. The validated microscopic simulation models can be utilized for further evaluation of various traffic operational conditions, such as bus priority measures for improving bus service performance. Traffic planning should put emphasis on the promotion of public transport to ensure sustainability. In planning transport setups, computer models ensure the analysis of different alternative public transport options like bus priority treatments. Various traffic performance indicators like; headway, delay, queue length, travel speed and travel time were considered during the validation of the simulation models. The obtained results from the developed simulation experiments and the statistical comparison with the field traffic behavior assured that the models accurately represent the actual traffic nature with less than 10% margin of error. The simulation experiment results show that the City’s road corridors can accurately be created in microsimulation tools before conducting an impact analysis for alternative transportation strategies.

Keywords: Microscopic simulation, microsimulation tool, public transport, traffic performance indicators, validation

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