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Mechanical and dry sliding wear behavior of LM6/cenosphere composites

Tanusree Bera, S.K. Acharya, Goutam Sutradhar


Cenosphere particles are potential discontinuous dispersoids used in metal matrix composites, since they are low-cost and lowdensity reinforcement available in large quantities as a waste by-product in thermal power plants.It helps in decreasing the density of the composites and increases the mechanical as well as the tribological behavior of the composites.In the present work, the influence of cenosphere on the microstructure, mechanical properties and dry sliding wear behavior of Al-Si12 matrix alloy was investigated. Wear tests were performed on the pin-on-disc wear tester at 0.5235, 1.0472, 1.5708 and 2.0944 m/s sliding velocity under loads of 5, 10, 15 and 20 N. The results revealed the homogeneous distribution of the cenosphere particles on the matrix alloy. The mechanical properties improved with increasing of cenosphere particles. The coefficient of friction of the matrix alloy and composites reduced and wear rate improved with increase in the load. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis indicated that specimens were worn out by abrasive, adhesive, and delamination wear mechanism.

Keywords: Al-Si12 matrix alloy, Cenosphere, Pin-on-disc wear tester, Dry sliding wear, Abrasive wear mechanism

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