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Optimization of dry sliding wear properties ofAZ91E/ nano Al2O3 reinforced metal matrix composite with grey relational analysis

C. Tarasasanka, K. Snehita, K. Ravindra, D. Sameerkumar


The present paper examined the dry sliding wear behaviour of Al2O3-reinforced magnesium composites which are produced with semi solid stir casting method through a pin-on-disc sort of wear arrangement. The specimens of AZ91E - Al2O3 reinforced metal matrix composites (MMCs) are made to slip against a steel counterpart and have undergone dry sliding wear tests. So as to assess the dry sliding behaviour, the wear rate and friction force have been selected as responses and varied percentages of reinforcement, loads, sliding distances and velocities have been chosen as the control variables. The experimental design was carried out making use of an L9 orthogonal array. Grey relational analysis (GRA) was the method employed in the initial stages of the optimization of the dry sliding performance of the Al2O3-reinforced MMCs. For the whole grey relational grade, wear rate and friction force resulted as the optimum level parameters based on the GRA. To conclude, the SEM images (scanning electronic microscope) are taken to examine the wear surface morphology and wear mechanism of the composites. The analysis shows optimal parameter combination is determined as sliding velocity: 1m.sec-1 , sliding distance: 500m, applied load: 10N, and % of reinforcement: 1%.

Keywords: Magnesium , AZ91E, grey relational analysis, metal matrix composites, Al2O3 particulates, Taguchi.

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