Throughput time reduction of limited test at a silk testing unit

  • D. Sargunamani
  • K. Raghu
  • Subhas V. Naik
Keywords: Multiend silk, Cottage basin silk, throughput time, Kilcha, Denier


The present economic situation across the globe calls for intense efforts to maximize production in minimum throughput time and cost to enhance operating performance and the quality of products. The problem with manufacturing/ testing goods forces the process owners to be organised and direct attention to minimise the global throughput time within the manufacturing enterprise. Minimising time has a chain effect to enhance the worth of manufacturing/testing processes. The minimisation of cycle time consequently enhances the quality. This report describes an  improvement process based on lean thinking in order to reduce throughput time of limited test (Denier test) for grading silk quality. For an  implementation of the adaptive work, it is important to know about the time needed for the various steps involved adding their time to find the total time in the existing system by process mapping to find opportunities to reduce time. The results of the study show that time can be reduced in the
process of limited test from 350 min to 220 min (Multiendsilk) and from 246 to 133 min. (cottage basin)eliminating various causes such as waiting time, absenteeism so on thus improving throughput time. The novelty of the study is that it is the first one to apply total quality management concept in silk testing unit for throughput time reduction from which a standard table has been created for limited test (avoiding non value added activities) for referring for throughput time involved to complete silk denier test faster.

Keywords: Multiend silk, Cottage basin silk, throughput time, Kilcha, Denier


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eISSN: 2141-2839
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