Dependence of magnetic and structural properties of Ni0.5 M0.5 Fe2O4 (M=Co, Cu) nanoparticles synthesized by citrate precursor method on annealing temperature

  • Rakesh Kumar Singh
  • A Yadav
  • Kamal Prasad
  • A Narayan


Ni0.5M0.5Fe2O4 (M = Co, Cu) ferrite nanoparticles were synthesized using citrate precursor method. The citrate precursor was annealed at temperatures 400oC, 450oC, 500oC and 550oC. The annealed powders were characterized using X-ray diffractometer (XRD) and vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM). Observed XRD data was further analyzed using Rietveld analysis which showed that particles annealed at temperatures upto 450oC display cubic spinel structure while the particles formed at temperature higher than 450oC display a tetragonal spinel structure. Sharp changes were observed in particle size, lattice constant, magnetization and retentivity in the range 450-500oC temperature suggesting that nucleation/growth mechanism is different at temperatures above and below a critical temperature in this range. Keywords: Ferrites, magnetic nanoparticles, citrate precursor, magnetization International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology, Vol. 2, No. 8, 2010, pp. 73-79

Author Biographies

Rakesh Kumar Singh
Department of Physics, Patna Women’s College, Patna University, Patna 800001, INDIA
A Yadav
Vidya Vihar Institute of Technology, Purnea, INDIA
Kamal Prasad
University Department of Physics, T M Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, INDIA
A Narayan
Department of Physics, Patna University, Patna 800005, INDIA

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eISSN: 2141-2839
print ISSN: 2141-2820