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Mixed convection of a micropolar fluid in a vertical channel with boundary conditions of third kind

JC Umavathi, J Sultana


The problem of heat source/sink on fully-developed mixed convection for the laminar flow of a micropolar fluid in a parallel
plate vertical channel has been investigated analytically. The plates exchange heat with an external fluid. Both conditions of
equal and of different reference temperatures of the external fluid are considered. The effect of important parameters, namely
vortex viscosity parameter, ratio of Grashof number to Reynolds number and heat source/sink on the velocity, microrotation
velocity and temperature have been discussed. It is found that the increase in the vortex viscosity parameter decreases the
velocity for both assisting and opposing flow whereas it reduces the microrotation velocity for assisting flow and increases the
microrotation velocity for opposing flow. The heat sink reduces the flow field at the right wall and increases at the left wall and
converse result is observed for heat source for equal Biot numbers

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