Comparative study of reproductive tract infections of female sex workers and gynecology clinic patients and general population in Suzhou

  • MF Shao
  • X Li
  • HQ Zhou
  • WY Zhang
  • XP Zhao
  • H Zhang
Keywords: Female sex workers, reproductive tract infections, pathogens, distribution


Background: Reproductive tract infections (RTIs) have become international public health problem. Aim: We assessed the RTIs. A community-based study was carried out among female sex workers (FSWs), gynecology clinic patients and general population in Suzhou, China to investigate the major pathogens of RTIs and to compare the pathogens among FSWs, gynecology clinic patients and general population. Materials and methods: The study was conducted over 12 months in 1357 women. They were recruited into three groups: group I: 243 asymptomatic FSWs, group II: 629 symptomatic gynecology clinic patients, and group III: 485 women who attending physical examination. The collection of genital specimens was performed after informed and written consent was obtained. All specimens were transported to department of clinical laboratory and processed by standard methods. Laboratory reports were sent to the clinicians and appropriate treatment was instituted. Data were analyzed by statistical methods. Results: Overall, 110 out of 243 asymptomatic FSWs were detected with pathogens, equaling 45.27% showing positive, while 301 out of 629 symptomatic gynecology clinic patients were detected with pathogens, 9.27% general population were detected with pathogens. Reproductive tract infections (RTIs) were more prevalent in FSWs than general population. The distribution of pathogens among three groups was different. Conclusion: Rates of RTIs are still high among FSWs in Suzhou. Where resources allow, routine screening and treatment of RTIs should be offered. The study also highlights that health intervention measures directed towards reducing morbidities from RTIs need not focus mainly on treatment of RTIs but rather on disease preventing strategies. Keywords: Female sex workers, reproductive tract infections, pathogens, distribution

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eISSN: 2315-5019
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