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Masquerading Mycobacterium: Rectal Growth or Tuberculosis?

Nabajit Choudhury, Sumitra Hagjer


ABSTRACT: A 37-year old male presented to us with history of lower abdominal pain for 6 months. His physical examination revealed a rectal mass of approximately 1centimeter. He was investigated for possible rectal growth with sigmoidoscopy and biopsy. The histopathological examination (HPE) showed a non-specific chronic inflammation in the tissue from the mass. Another tissue from the mass was sent for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for tuberculosis, which turned out to be positive. The patient was started on standard anti tubercular (ATT) regimen and responded completely to the treatment. We discuss the patient and review some of the available literature on the topic and discuss the issue of considering a diagnosis of tuberculosis in cases with rectal mass specially when it has become a major public health issue with increasing number of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infected patients.

Keywords: Rectal TB; Tuberculosis; Rectal Growth

Internet Journal of Medical Update. 2013 January;8(1):42-44

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