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Concentrations of pollutant gases in female hostels of the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria

CG Okoli, MC Nwadike, PA Uzoije, ID Onyicha, TC Akujobi


The concentrations of aerial pollutant gases carbon monoxide (CO), nitrous oxide (NO2) and Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) were measured in female students hostels in the Federal University of Technology Owerri during the month of October 2004. Two hundred and fifty two (252) of such measurements were carried out for each gas at six sites including toilets, bathrooms, rooms near toilet/bathroom, middle rooms, kitchen and rooms near kitchen in order to determine their concentrations in four hostels. The results of the study gave overall mean concentrations of CO, NO2 and H2S as 10.75ppm, 0.14ppm and 0.20ppm respectively. Concentration of CO in the kitchen (11.67ppm) was significantly higher than values recorded at the other sites (p<0.05). Nitrous oxide concentrations in toilet, middle room, rooms near toilets/bath rooms and kitchen were also significantly high (p<0.05), while the 0.23ppm of H2S recorded in the kitchen was equally statistically different from those of other sites. The overall mean values of these gases significantly exceeded Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) ambient air quality standards, indicating that air quality in the hostels may constitute health risks to the students.

Keywords: pollutant gases, female hostile, Nigeria

International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences Vol. 1(1) 2005: 17-20
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