Value chain analysis on cassava and cassava based - products in Imo state, Nigeria

  • OC Korie
  • DO Ohajianya
  • NC Ehirim


This study examined the value Chain analysis (production process and cost related to each element of production chain to add value) on cassava and cassava products in Imo State specifically to ascertain the farm size holdings of the respondents as well as the ownerships of the land used for production. It also identified` the forms of labor used in production and how products are utilized. The study also estimated the value of cassava products in the area within the past year. It also examined how products are sold to the final consumers. The study was carried out on two local government areas of each of the three agricultural zones in the state. A total of 60 respondents were sampled 20 from each of the agricultural zones. It was found out that farm holdings are generally small and most of the land used for cassava production is family land. It was also found out that the value obtained from processing cassava into garri gave the highest value among other products. The government should assist farmers to have access to land in the state so as to enable them derive the possible value from cassava production processing and marketing in the state. The government should provide infrastructures to rural areas to enable the farmers take advantage of the emerging market oriented cassava production so as to improve their means of livelihood and to contribute to rural development.

International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences Vol. 2 (4) 2006: pp. 400-404

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eISSN: 0794-4713