Assessment of physico-chemical qualities of commercial bottled water Sold in Imo state, Nigeria

  • T E Ogbulie
  • T C Akujiobi
  • I G Kalu


Two different batches of Tropix ®, Uzzi ®, Swan ®, Constant ®, Crystal ® and Ragolis ® commercial brands of bottled water were analyzed for their physicochemical quality, especially the organic and inorganic contaminants of health significances. The pH of the samples was measured using Suntex pH meter SP 701 series. The conductivity and the total dissolved solids (TDS) were also measured using HACH Conductivity/ TDS meter model 44600 while the turbidity of the samples was determined using Jenway Turbidimeter model 6035, which measures in nephlometric turbidity unit (NTU). The chloride content as well as the total hardness (calcium and magnesium) of the samples were both determined with HACH digital titrator model 16900 using mecuric nitrate method and EDTA method respectively. The total iron, nitrite, total suspended solids, total/free chlorine, copper, nitrate, sulphate, phosphate, manganese and colour on the other hand were all determined with spectrophotometer DR/2010 series using 1, 10- phenantholine method; diazotization method; photometric method; DPD method; bicinchoninate method; cadmium reduction method; turbimetric method; ascorbic acid metnod; Periodate Oxidation method; and Platinium Cobalt standard for each parameter respectively. The results obtained, revealed that all the conventional parameters fall within the WHO recommended guideline standards ecxept pH, copper, iron and free chlorine. The study therefore revealed that the products were aesthetically acceptable but chemically unsafe for direct consumption.

IJONAS Vol. 3 (1) 2007: pp. 131-138

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eISSN: 0794-4713