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Illustration of decimation in digital signal processing (DSP) systems using matlab

M Ndinechi, N Onwuchekwa


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) has become one of the most powerful technologies in reshaping science and engineering, especially in the areas of communication and medicine. In this study, DSP applications where the signal at a given sampling rate needs to be converted into another signal with a different sampling rate known as multirate systems were investigated. This multirate DSP had been found useful in application like digital audio, video and even GSM technology. The work is implemented using MATLABTM software. Several plots obtained showed that decimator structures reduce the number of operations required for a particular application. With the sampling rate reduced, the number of filters required for any particular operation will be reduced drastically thereby reducing cost of such operations.

Keywords: Digital Signal Processing, digital audio tape, compact disc, multirate, MatlabTM
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