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Suitability of conophor oil for the production of aklyd resins, and surface coatings

A Asiagwu
P Okoye
P Omuku


Oil was extracted from Tetracaripidum conophorum nut (conophor plant) using solvent extraction method, with hexane as solvent. The oil obtained was used to synthesize an alkyd resin, which in turn was utilized in the production of white gloss paints and vanishes. The IR and UV analysis of
the oil showed the presence of C=C and C=O, while the Uv and IR examination of the resin revealed the presence of phthalic chain and C=O, C=C bonds. The white gloss paint and varnishes produced had the right physical quality such as burshability and good drying time. The oil is a
valuable raw material that could be used industrially in the production of essential materials.

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eISSN: 0794-4713