Characterization of Ibere and Oboro clay deposits in Abia state, Nigeria for refractory applications

  • U Mark


Ibere and Oboro clay deposits in Ikwuano, Abia State of Nigeria were characterized for refractory and other applications. The characteristics investigated were mineralogical composition, chemical composition, plasticity, linear shrinkage, apparent porosity, bulk density, cold crushing strength, thermal shock resistance, thermal conductivity, and refractoriness (softening point). Mineralogical and chemical analyses were conducted using an x-ray diffractometer (XRD) and atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS) respectively. The physical property tests were done following ASTM standards. Results obtained showed that the Ibere and Oboro clays are largely kaolinite and chemically composed of mainly silica (52.06% and 60.21% respectively) and alumina (27.87% and 19.05% respectively). These oxides appreciated to 59.2% and 62.47% (silica), 31.8% and 21.30% (alumina) respectively in the fired product; yet the ratio of alumina to silica remained unchanged, i.e. 0.54 and 0.34 respectively. The physical/refractory characteristics examined confirmed that the clays belong to the fireclay class and are useful for refractory and ceramic applications.

Keywords: characterization, Ibere and Oboro clays, refractory applications

International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, 6(3): 296-305, 2010

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U Mark
Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, Federal University of Technology, PMB 1526 Owerri, Nigeria

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eISSN: 0794-4713