International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences

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Insecticidal efficacy of Lambdacyhalothrin, cyfluthrin, orange peel oil and platostoma sp. leaf extract on anopheles mosquitoes

SC Iwuji, KI Nkuma-Udah, GO Adeoye, NG Iwuji, GC Iwueke, IM Siminialayi


The mortality effects of lambdacyhalothrin, cyfluthrin, orange peel oil and Platostoma sp. leaves extracts on adult Anopheles mosquitoes were compared in the laboratory at room temperature of 30± 2oC. Thirty adult Anopheles mosquitoes of age 2-4 days were exposed to the four formulations at concentrations ranging from 10-100%. The formulations and controls were replicated thrice. Time taken for the death of the mosquitoes at various serial dilutions was used to determine the insecticidal efficacy of the formulations on adult Anopheles mosquitoes. Lambdacyhalothrin at most concentrations had greater mortality effect than orange peel oil extract, followed by cyfluthrin and Platostoma sp. extract. The insecticidal time of orange peel oil extract at 50-60% concentration was shortest and therefore most efficacious compared to other formulations at same concentration. However, all concentrations of the formulations used in the experiment had time–dependent mortality activity. Further biomedical studies are recommended to enhance the processing and packaging the test materials.

Keywords: Mosquito, insecticide, lambdacyhalothrin, cyfluthrin, orange peel oil, Platostoma sp.

International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, 6(3): 317-320, 2010

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