International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences

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The design and implementation of an adequate recovery mechanism for a compiler system

C Igbe


This study considered what happens when the complier encounters an ill-formed construct. Ordinarily the parser is supposed to issue an error message that could terminate the process of scanning the sentence. However, if this happens nothing has been achieved. My motivation is to have a complier that would issue an appropriate error diagnostic and be able to continue the parsing process, probably to find further mistakes. The method chosen to derive this process is by making assumptions about the nature of the error and the intention of the author of the ill-formed program or by skipping over some subsequent part of the input sequence or both. Parsing rules were established and a pushdown recognizer was used to detect input sequence in a non-sentence. The design of an error recovery routine was put in place, which adjusts the input, stacks, and then continues processing as if no error has occurred. Consequently, a control table with a reasonable recovery routine specific for each error entry was produced with sample error messages.

Keywords: Complier system, parsing process, pushdown recognizer, computing

International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, 6(4): 402 - 405, 2010

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