Prevalence of cytomegalovirus induced IgG antibodies among pregnant women in Benue state, Nigeria

  • AA Chukwuedo
  • SS Vaatsought
  • JO Awagu
Keywords: Pregnant women, IgG antibody, cytomegalovirus, Nigeria


The prevalence of human cytomegalovirus (CMV) IgG antibody in pregnant women in Benue State, Nigeria was determined using the Meditech CMV IgG ELISA based kit. Out of the 372 sera evaluated, a very high 202(54.30%) were positive and women in their first trimester had the
highest prevalence with 81(21.77%) being positive. The age distribution of the subjects showed that 21 - 30 years age group had the highest prevalence with 114(30.65%), while ages 41 - 50 years had the least, 13(3.50%). Analyses on their educational status and occupation showed that those with secondary education and civil servants had the highest prevalence of 103(27.69%) and 61(16.40%) respectively but statistically were not significant (p>0.05). With no history of prevaccination against the disease this result established evidence of human cytomegalovirus infection among pregnant women in Benue State. Fetuses and neonates stand the risk of being infected and possibly development of congenital CMV syndrome. Poor hygiene, close proximity, low socioeconomic status and poor medical facilities are likely factors responsible for the high exposure. It is therefore recommended that similar studies be conducted in other states of the country in order to establish the country prevalence rate.

Keyword: Pregnant women, IgG antibody, cytomegalovirus, Nigeria


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