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Application of the simplex method of linear programming model to Saclux paint production

CE Okereke


This work discussed how the simplex method of linear programming could be used to maximize the profit of any business firm using Saclux Paint Company as a case study. It equally elucidated the effect variation in the optimal result obtained from linear programming model, will have on any
given firm. It was demonstrated that linear programming is simply an input-output model in which limited resources represent the input and the value of the objective function represents the output. It is therefore very essential to determine the unit worth of a resource used in Saclux paint production. Considering the result of the optimum solution and the sensitivity of the optimal value to slight changes Saclux Paint Company will maximize her daily profit to $21,000 = N2,520,000 by producing 3 tons of oil paint daily and 1.5 tons of emulsion paint daily.

Keywords: Paint, simplex method, objective function, sensitivity analysis, linear programming

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