International Journal of Tropical Agriculture and Food Systems

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Exploitation of communal oil palm resource and the remedies in Imo state, Nigeria

D O Ohajianya, F C Anaeto, V A Enwerem, J A Echetama


There is inadequate information and awareness on the detrimental consequences of exploitation of communal oil palm resource in Imo State. This study analyzed the forms of exploitation and the negative consequences as well as the factors influencing exploitation. Data were collected with structured questionnaire from 144 randomly selected respondents in Imo State, and analyzed using means, percentages, net returns and logistic regression analysis. Results show that harvesting of unripe oil palm fruits is the most serious form of exploitation, while reduced income was the most negative consequence of exploitation. Household size, occupation, annual income, returns from oil palm produce, farm size, operational intensity and labor costs were important factors influencing communal oil palm resource exploitation. Pressures on communal oil palm resource would reduce if alternative employment and sources of income are provided, and adequate attention is given to the factors that influence communal oil palm resource exploitation in Imo State.

Keywords: Oil palm, rural farm, house hold, Nigeria

IJOTAFS Vol. 1 (1) 2007: pp. 23-29
AJOL African Journals Online