Impact of ethnic conflicts on cattle population and production in the eastern corridor of the northern region of Ghana

  • W Addah


A study was conducted to assess the impact of ethnic conflicts on cattle production in some administrative districts of the eastern corridor of the Northern Region of Ghana. Even though many intra-ethnic conflicts have occurred in the region, their impact on cattle production was not been as severe as inter-ethnic clashes. Four major inter-ethnic conflicts that occurred between 1981 and 1995 cost the region Ghı46,111,372.75 due to a loss 23,002 cattle. The Guinea fowl war (1994-5) alone caused a loss of 11.9% and 1% of the Northern Region’s and the nation’s cattle herd respectively. The intra-ethnic Dagbon crises did not significantly affect cattle population but impinged on projected production by 2.7%. Protracted conflicts have also reduced the number of cattle sold annually by households for income in the region, the national herd size and number of cattle slaughtered for domestic consumption.

Cattle, livestock, conflicts, herd size, Ghan



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eISSN: 1597-913X