Rising pollution risks in urban groundwater development in the Aladinma Estate, Owerri, Nigeria

  • R Ojibgbe


The indiscriminate sinking of boreholes within the residential Aladinma Estate in Owerri is feared to break the safe distances between septic and domestic water supply systems in the area, which might lead to groundwater or even aquifer pollution. The borehole-septic system spacing were measured for ten selected households in one area of the estate, and the mean radius of influence for a typical well in the formation was determined using standard formula and derived data. The results when compared with prescribed distances showed that many of the wells were located too close to the septic systems and may therefore be in danger of contamination. Preliminary examination of the waters from these wells revealed that contamination by pathogenic micro-organisms has already occurred.

Keywords: Boreholes, water supply, waste disposal, septic systems, pollution, Nigeria



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eISSN: 1597-913X