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The Effects of Partial Replacement of Maize with Plantain Peels in Broiler Diets

MC Uchegbu
KO Osuagwu
AA Omede
CH Nwaodu


A 28-day feeding trial involving one hundred and twenty (120) 1-week-old Anak starter broilers was carried out in a completely randomized design to evaluate the effect of partial replacement of maize with unripe plantain peel meals at 0, 4, 8 and 12% dietary levels on the performance of broilers. Data were collected on feed intake, daily weight gain, feed conversion ratio and mortality. Feed intakes of the birds on 0, 8, and 12% unripe plantain peel meals were similar (p>0.05) and lower than the feed intake of the birds on 4% unripe plantain peel meals. The growth rate of 0, 4 and 8% dietary groups were superior to that of the group on 12% unripe plantain peel meals inclusion. The feed conversion ratio of 0 and 4% dietary groups were similar and better than the groups on 8 and 12% dried plantain peel meals inclusion. The results suggest that up to 8% unripe plantain peel meals can replace maize without any deleterious effect on starter broilers.

Keywords: Broilers, poultry, feed, plantain peel, maize

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eISSN: 1597-913X