International Journal of Tropical Agriculture and Food Systems

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Functional Properties of Roasted and Defatted Cashew Nut (Anarcadium occidentale) Flour

SV Omosuli, TA Ibrahim, DA Oloye, G Aladekoyi, O Ogundowole


Functional properties of roasted and defatted cashew nut (Anarcadium occidentale) flour were determined using standard methods. The mean values of the various parameters for functional properties (%) were: water absorption capacity (240.0+0.3), oil absorption capacity (220.0+0.3), bulk density (g/m3) (0.73+0.2), emulsion activity (45.5+0.2), emulsion stability (54.2+0.3), foaming capacity (12.0+0.1) foaming stability (6.7+0.2) and least gelation concentration (0.0+0.1). These properties of the flour showed that it could be used as a thicker in food products, binder in meat emulsion and in the colloidal food systems as emulsion stabilizer.

Keywords: Cashew nut, flour, oil absorption, stabilizer

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