International Journal of Tropical Agriculture and Food Systems

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Evaluation of nutritional properties and effect of storage conditions on the physicochemical properties of soy coconut blends

II Adedokun, EN Onyeneke


Soy-coconut blends were formulated from extracts of soybeans and coconut using different blends or ratios of 90:10; 85:15; 80:20; and 70:30, while 100% Soymilk served as control. The blends were analyzed for nutritional and sensory qualities. The sample blend with the highest sensory scores was used to study the effect of ambient and refrigeration storage conditions on physicochemical properties for four weeks. The proximate content found varied and ranged from 86.40 - 84.33% moisture, 4.22 - 3.11% fat, 5.21 - 3.85% protein, 0.71 - 0.54% ash and 6.82 - 4.37% carbohydrate among the sample blends respectively. The micronutrients content showed the highest value of 873.36 mg calcium, 5.37 mg potassium, 847.60 mg sodium, 85.75 mg manganese, 2.43 mg zinc and 0.62 mg copper. Water soluble vitamin contents were 23.45 mg
vitamin C, 2.42 mg vitamin B1, 0.65 mg and vitamin B3. Significant (p<0.05) changes were observed only in the physicochemical properties of sample blends stored under ambient condition 30+30C. The values of nutritional properties and effect of storage conditions on physicochemical
properties studied show the potentials of soy-coconut blends as milk substitutes under refrigeration and ambient storage conditions.

Keywords: Milk, Soy-coconut blends, soybeans, physicochemical

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