A proposed paradigm shift in the teaching of literature at the basic level

  • N Yemeh


The problem being investigated is the lack of literary competence among  junior secondary school graduates, and the purpose of the study is to suggest a viable alternative to the teaching and learning of Literature at the JHS. The method employed is a combination of library research and interviews of teacher trainees at some Colleges of Education. Tentative findings suggest that, Literature is not on the teaching Time Table at the JHS and is therefore not deliberately taught. Secondly, its teaching is not based on a specific method to ensure effective learning. The study proposes the introduction of Communicative Literature Teaching, a term derived from Communicative Language Teaching, with suggested practical activities to do with literary texts. The study concludes that literary competence could be achieved if teaching is deliberate and is based on a research driven intervention such as Communicative Literature Teaching.

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2026-6081