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Security and Peace Mechanisms for Good Governance in Nigeria: Islamic Paradigm Shifts

S A Owoyemi


Security and peace are interwoven and inseparable. One cannot be achieved without the other. Security is a corollary to peace. The factors which bring about peace contribute to the establishment of security in a society. Scholars of diverse disciplines including the International Relations and Security Studies have analysed security and peace from different perspectives. The fact still remains that the world at present is still battling with series of conflicts and insecurity. In Nigeria, governments at all levels have intensified efforts to address issues bordering on insecurity with a view to building security and peace for good governance. It is however, disheartening that despite various security measures put in place to tackle the problem, Nigeria is yet to be free from recurrent cases of armed robbery attacks, kidnappings, bombings, hired assassinations, ethnic and religious clashes, etc. Examining the issue of security and peace from another angle, this paper discussed the Islamic perspective of security and peace. It identified the Islamic mechanisms for achieving peace and security during the golden period of Islam particularly during the lifetimes of Prophet Muhammad and his faithful companions. Bearing in mind Nigeria’s multi-religious situation, the paper offered recommendations with a view to utilizing the Islamic security and peace mechanisms for good governance.

Keywords: Peace, Security, Social Justice, Religious Tolerance, Good Governance

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