Sexual sin in New Testament times biblical and contextual perspectives in Nigeria

  • AD Olubanke


Christian ethical standards are breaking down in our nation. Many believe now that individuals have rights, including the right to make their own sexual decisions and that sexual behaviour is an individual's private matter. How then can Christianity or the Church relate to the sexual and marriage problems today? If the bible really has a standard that can safe-guide sexual behaviours, why is sexual sin common even within the Church? Historicalcontextual and sociological methods were employed in this paper in order to clearly state the New Testament understanding. The study contextualized Biblical teachings, particularly on sex and marriage to the Africans. Findings revealed that the Bible places sex and sexual activity within the larger context of holiness and faithfulness. In this regard, the Bible presents an honest and often detailed explanation of God's design for sex and its place in human life. The New Testament presents sexual deviance as an intentional rejection of God's authority as Creator and Lord. Invariably, Nigeria is characterized by loose sexual morality, which cannot be divorced from incessant poverty, unemployment and illiteracy, as well as the flood of immigrants to Africa and to Nigeria who brought new forms of family life and new sexual customs. The paper concludes that there is clear evidence that our memories are failing on Jesus’ injunctions in this regard, hence, there is need to draw upon the Christian faith for guidance but African context should not be forgotten

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print ISSN: 2141-7040