Effect Of Pre-Heat Temperature On The Tl Glow Curve Of Fused Quartz

  • EP Inyang
  • FO Ogundare
  • FA Balogun


Fused quartz obtained from SPI laboratories in West Chester USA was studied extensively for possibility of the application of as a TL detector using Victorreen TL reader model 2800M at the Center for Energy Research and Development, O.A.U., Ile- Ife. Results have shown that the maximum of the peak 1 of the glow curve was shifting from towards the higher temperatures as the pre-heat temperature increases, indicating that the presence of overlapping peaks in this composite one. Anomalous fading was observed between the two glow peaks with the deeper trap represented by peak 2, growing at the expense of the shallower peak 1. The dose response curve of the glass was some how linear within the dose range considered. It can be concluded from this study, that with a judicious choice of pre-heat temperature and annealing regime, this material may be a good candidate for retrospective dose reconstruction in the study of a nuclear accident sites.

IFE Journal of Science Vol. 9 (1) 2007 pp. 71-76

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eISSN: 0794-4896