Health services provision to elderly people at Tandale dispensary, Kinondoni municipality, Dar es Salaam Tanzania

  • Rose Temu
  • Richard K, Arap Towett
  • Fariji Mtango


Background: Health services for the elderly are very crucial for these people have unique diseases which need special attention and treatment
Objectives: To study the awareness , acceptability and utilization of health services by the elderly people at Tandale Dispensary, Kinondoni Municipality, Dar es Salaam.
Methods: This was a descriptive cross-sectional study whereby 154 persons aged 60 years and above , who attended Tandale Dispensaryin Tandale Ward, Dar es Salaam were interviewed in June 2012. At the same time, data was sought from 30 health workers of the facility and 16 Tandale community leaders through in depth interview and focus group discussion
Results: Majority of the elderly (85%) had never had any free medical services at Tandale and (88%) were not covered by any health insurance scheme. Only 33% were aware of the National Aging Policy. The majority (84%) were unemployed, while 96% had no pension. A majority of health workers (93%) had not attended any training on managing special health problems of the elderly.
Recommendations: The elderly should be made aware of their privileges according to the Aging Policy. Health service providers should be given appropriate education on special needs of the elderly and be empowered for the same


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print ISSN: 1821-7613