Multiple renal anomalies associated with encapsulated swellings of the sciatic nerve

  • AP Gesase


The current observation reports the occurrence of the left renal anomalies and encapsulated swellings involving the left sciatic nerve in a 47 years old male cadaver. Renal anomalies consisted of left double kidney, left bifid ureter and double arterial supply to the left kidney. The double kidney consisted of the two upper and lower segments that were separated by a deep furrow internally; externally the surface appeared smooth and there was no evidence for the presence of two segments. The left renal hilum showed two ureters that appeared to arise separately from the pelves of the upper and lower segments. They remained separated in most of their course in the abdomen and pelvis; at the last 0.6cm the two ureters joined to form a common channel that entered the urinary bladder. The double kidney was supplied by two renal vessels that arose separately from the abdominal aorta. Dissection of the left lower limb of the same individual revealed multiple encapsulated swellings that were attached at the sides of the left sciatic nerve. The swellings were oval-round in shape and the largest one measured about 10cm long and 6.5cm wide. Individual swellings appeared to be surrounded by a thick capsule that enclosed brown looking firm materials which had a uniform consistency and there was no evidence of tissue necrosis. To the authors knowledge this is the first report on concomitant appearance of renal anomalies with multiple peripheral nerve swellings. The current observations are considered to be incidental findings, but future observations are needed to verify that we are not missing this association.

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print ISSN: 1821-7613